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Friday, May 27, 2011

OKC pharmacist guilty of murder for killing injured robber


Jay Ersland, a pharmacist from Oklahoma City, has been convicted of murder after he killed a robber during a holdup at his business in 2009.

The defense argued that it was self-defense, but Ersland had shot the robber, chased after his accomplice and came back into the store, where he unloaded his gun into the injured suspect, who was lying on the floor.

From the Daily Oklahoman:

Prater played for jurors again a security camera recording of the shooting. He stopped it at points, telling jurors the pharmacist turned his back to the downed robber to get a second gun to shoot the robber again.

“It's a human trait. You don't turn your back on something you're afraid of,” Prater said.

AP Photo/Steve Gooch, Pool


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