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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Prosecutors: A pimp named Jell-O kept prostitutes, dirt bikes, serval

The Denver Post has a story about an alleged pimp named "Jell-O" who's now facing criminal charges. I was fascinated by how Jell-O reportedly lives -- in a mansion filled with prostitutes, exotic animals and dirt bikes:

There, police say he and a cadre of prostitutes lived on 35 acres of land where they rode dirt bikes and four-wheelers, affidavits say. He kept exotic pets — a now-deceased serval (an African wild cat) named Goldie and a small mammal from the rainforest called a kinkajou, affidavits show.

Police say Wallace also kept a collection of guns, including an assault rifle and a pink handgun that were seized from a Parker storage shed.

His half-dozen vehicles included a leased Bentley and an orange Pontiac Fiero that was made to look like a Lamborghini.

One car — a blue-silver minivan — showed a logo of Bugs Bunny grabbing Jessica Rabbit with the words "choose up" written on the side, street slang encouraging prostitutes to pick a better pimp, according to police reports.

Hat Tip: Many thanks, Barry!


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