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Monday, October 31, 2011

Former Irwin attorney calls press conference, explains why she left case


From Glenn Rice:

“Mr. Tacopina and I were not able to work as a team,” Short said this morning at a news conference outside her Westport law office. “Our goals and approach were so different that one of us had to go. And that someone is me.”

She said she thought the parents’ legal team should be paying more attention to gathering support and information locally; Tacopina was more interested in national exposure of the case, she said.

My colleague, Barb Shelly, says the family fired the wrong attorney:

It sounds as though Tacopina wanted a local co-counsel who would basically be on call if needed, certainly not a highly competent lawyer who actually wanted to get the case resolved. If so, Short was definitely the wrong co-counsel for “Hollywood Joe.”

She works her cases hard. In the 10 days she was involved in the Irwin case, she organized a team of 17 volunteers to participate in community efforts to find Lisa and to support the family.


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