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September 27, 2005

Democracy in Haiti

As someone who visited Haiti in 1994 and saw the hope of many impoverished citizens, I am fearful some of them will be the target of police attacks this week.

Every year, on Sept. 30, the poor and middle-class people in the movement known as “Lavalas” (torrent, wave) take to the streets and protest the overthrow of their democratically elected government on that day in 1991. Last year, thousands of Lavalas supporters held a legal demonstration, and police opened fire on them and continued the attacks on Lavalas leaders for several weeks.

This year Lavalas supporters in the United States are trying to alert U.S. citizens to the Haitian people’s continued efforts for grass-roots democracy and are trying to publicize the repression there. Our U.S. government provided the plane and guards that removed President Jean-Bertrand Aristide from Haiti in 2004, even though he had been elected president twice by the Haitian people. The thugs in control in Haiti have imprisoned Father Jean-Juste, an activist for the poor and possible presidential candidate, and many others.

It’s time for the United States to loosen its grip on Haiti, practice what we preach about democracy and let the will of the people rule there.

Jane Stoever
Overland Park
On behalf of the Holy Family Faith Community, Kansas City


Haitian American

My name is Joseph Idalbert with Glory House Services.
Glory House Services (GHS) ministers and engages to the community to save people lives in the neighborhood., English Second Language , Computers, Job Training, After School Programs, Job skills.

Rockhurst University -ESL Training, the ESL class benefits from Rockhust University students to provide instructors for all ESL class for the clients, and soon will have a citizenship class for those who will be United States citizens. The instructors truly help the clients to learn to speak, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and American life skills to the clients.

To accomplish this goal for my community, I started working at Children’s Mercy Hospital as a volunteer and learn to develop a sense of unity among the Misourian.
The computer center is there to help the folks after school to come when they are not in school.

If someone you know would be willing to donate computers or lap top for the staff and boards members that would be nice for the Haitian Community in Greater KC Mo area. It will now be easier for students from Haiti to study at UMKC, and other Universities or Community colleges

Please Help us meet the needs of our community by giving your time, effort and a gift.
Well, any size amount can help now.
Glory House Services is registered tax exempt 501©(3) not for profit organization.

Haitian American

I am the President of Glory House Services of the Non profit Organization in Kansas City Missouri area for the Haitians American in Greater KC Missouri. We helped some people seek for job also, in case
opportunities are available that you or someone can call us or the staff or email us because we care for the


It is the goal of Glory House Services to help the Haitian immigrant population of the greater Kansas City area by acting as a liaison between their clients and the Kansas City social and business communities by offering bilingual support staff through the use of dedicated volunteers. The "English as a Second Language" Program will assure that this goal is met.

Haitian American

Haitian American Community, Haitian Association, Association Haitian, Haitian Church in Kansas City, Haitian Schoold and Adult Education in Kansas City, Haitian Location, haitian in Westport MO.

Glory House Services/ - This community of Haitian immigrants is seeking a few students who enjoy teaching English, Spanish , Computer, and Haitian Creole skills to adults in our community education programs. We teach Haitian Creole to Missionaries who travel to Haiti here at the church every Saturday. Please bring your language teaching skills and you may even come back teaching Haitian Creole yourself or more English! Glory House Services with Haitian American welcomes volunteers into our community and shares our members’ love of cooking, music, and dancing and worshipping on Sunday with us, and more. The community education program runs on Saturdays.

Please if you know someone who likes to travel in Haiti, let's me know.

Programs to Committee:
Preparation clients for Job
Interpretation, and Translation
Educational Programs/ Services
Job Application
Job Training & English Classes
Food Services
Relief Program
Referral Services
Teaching to the youth \ adults
Computer Training
Music to the youths
Soccer,and Medical to Haiti etc......

Haitian Community in Kansas City
4305 E 24th Street
Kansas City, MO 64127


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