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October 10, 2005

Dangerous trucks

On July 26, I joined the exclusive club of being a victim of a collision with an 18-wheeler. In my case, I was hit in the left rear. The truck was traveling in excess of 80 mph, overtaking me at my 65 mph. The truck driver lost control of his vehicle and drove my vehicle off the road, more than 200 feet into a farm. I collided with a concrete sewer drain.

It is time for the Missouri legislature to pass a mandatory regulation to lower the speed limit for large vehicles to 60 mph. Those drivers of large rigs who oppose this need to have mandatory speed governors installed.

Many people meet their deaths as a result of these trucks rolling at 80-plus mph squashing everything in their way.

These trucks are a menace to the American motorists. They need to be brought under more rigid control by the state governments.

Craig R. Vance


Loren Zeller

I am curious as to how the truck driver hit the REAR of your car if he was over taking you. Also you did not specify on what kind of roadway you were on. Also most trucks are governed at 62 to 70 mph.

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