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November 06, 2005

Denver a bad example

In recent weeks, there has been lots of discussion about a downtown ballpark for the Royals. Often, one of the comparisons used is the supposed success of Coors Field in Denver.

The facts are these: Attendance at Coors field in 1996, when it opened, was 3.4 million. That ranked first out of 14 teams in the National League. Since then, however, attendance has declined every year. In 2005 it was down to 1.9 million, 14th out of 16 teams. A primary reason is that there is no parking anywhere close around the stadium. Going to a game at Coors Field is a real headache. I have done it.

Get a clue. Leave the Royals where they are.

Lee Larson
Prairie Village



Its ridiculous to believe attendance is down at Coors Field due to parking. Its down because ownership will not field a competitive or at the least an entertaining team.

Any long term success the downtown area will have will depend on the team's ability to field a team worth the price of admission.

Brighton, Colorado


Both sides are being rediculus. Obviously every city reacts in a different manner economically. What we need to ask ourselves is do we want to spend the money to build a stadium downtown. If we do, who cares what the economic forecasts say (afterall there are only 40 or so cities to look at and any statistician will tell you that is a crappy sample size). If we don't want to then who cares about the economic forecasts (just ask a econometrician, they will tell you to get a bigger sample size).


as a former stl resident, i can assure you that lack of convenient parking was not an issue when going to games. this kansas city "parking fetish" is a major obstacle of progress in the urban core.

a properly developed downtown is not typically supposed to be traversed by automobile, but rather by public transit, as common sense would suggest. this is the twenty-first century. wake up kansas city. besides, 40 years of suburban sprawl has made downtown kansas city a veritable parking lot in itself.

try superimposing the truman sports complex over a map of downtown, parking is closer to the proposed north loop location than to kauffman from much of the parking lot.

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