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November 11, 2005

Misplaced priorities

Our president is going to spend a zillion dollars to protect us from the pandemic of avian flu, which has killed 60 folks — in Asia — since 2002.

Scientists have just announced a major breakthrough toward a cure for cervical cancer. Several groups are marching to oppose this. That’s because not only might it cure cervical cancer, it might also prevent pregnancy. Supposedly this would encourage young girls to have sex — as if God-given hormones aren’t already doing that.

Our government has just announced billions more to update our national hurricane warning system, which consistently gives at least one week’s notice to all targets even remotely in jeopardy. It’s not the warning; it’s the rescue, stupid.

Locally, our community colleges are being given millions to construct “tornado rooms.” If there is a tornado that can hurt these fortresses, the rest of us are surely doomed.

The only thing that has made sense in recent days is President Bush’s nomination of the rightest of all right-wingers to the Supreme Court. He undoubtedly hopes this will distract us from Scooter Libby, Iraq, torture, etc.

Welcome to the Ministry of Truth, 1984.

Joseph H. Moore
Kansas City


Geoffrey Stone

I have absolutely no idea how much Bush actually proposes to spend on Avian Flu vaccine, but apparently, after last year's regular flu vaccine shortage disaster, the incompetent little turkey has been spending and/or doing nothing to prevent the one which apparently already is recurring this year.

Even the health departments are calling off flu shots until December; on the door of my Dr's office is a big sign saying they will not be giving flu shots at all this year because their "distributor" won't send them any vaccine!

Where are the state health departments? Where's the Bush CDC? In bed with FEMA playing "New Orleans" under the covers with our health now?


Politics makes strange bedfellows

Or does it.

I didn't so much attack Mr. Moore's position as I did his rationale. There are kooks on both sides of the aisle.


I think the point of JM's final paragraph may have been missed. He is criticizing President Bush for nominating Judge Alito, suggesting the nomination is a play to the far right and a move to divert attention. He the goes on to insinuate that President Bush is a totaltarian dictator by referring to George Orwell's 1984. It seems that his views, at least as far as Judge Alito is concerned, agree fairly well with hajkar's.
As to avian or Asian flu, I must agree with hajkar that we should take precautions. After the pandemic starts its too late.
Tornado shelters at Comunity Colleges-I've seen the damage tornados can do to even strong buildings.
Huricane Warning System-perhaps the goal should be to have such an improved warning system that no rescue is nesessary.
As to the break through on cervical cancer, if one exists it should be followed thru on, whatever other considerations there may be. On this point I think many would agree.


Interesting how Mr. Moore left out the incredible monies being spent on our ill-fated war in Iraq, although he did mention Iraq but only in passing. He obviously has his own set of prioritie different from mine. Furthermore, he made no attempt to provide us direction on what our priorities should be and how best to spend our money to effectively respond to those priorities. Sounds more like ignorant jealousy than constructive criticism to me.



I read the entire letter. Because I did not comment point by point does not mean I ignored them. I saw no point in discussing the finer points of each specific issue with someone claiming to know or even understand the truth by making inane referances like 'zillion'.

Mr. Moore seems somewhat ignorant as to the real threat of a pandemic stemming from the Asian Flu virus. There may have been only 60 deaths so far but that number is growing in an exponential manner as the virus evolves into something increasingly dangerous as well as now spreading beyond its Asian origins.

I don't know why people are protesting new treatments for cervical cancer. It is their right to do so. I assume they have their reasons and their own priorities.

I don't necessarily disagree about hurricane warning systems but I would need further information to criticize what is being done with that money. I doubt Mr. Moore has done sufficient research to support his criticism.

Ditto re: tornado rooms

The Alito nomination for the Supreme Court does not make sense to me other than to distract from problems facing the Bush administration and further the divide in this country over social issue.

In order to know the truth one must speak the whole truth.

Ray Seay

You just made a valuable point for me. Imprecision and hyperbole while trying to be cute will backfire.
I basically agree with your criticisms but look what happened, Hajkar attacked you over zillion. Ignoring 4 serious issues you raised. I am going to attack you on the last paragraph (later) and ignore your other points also. Remember the dumbest and most outrageous things you say will get you noticed but be the ones commented on. This will cause your valid points to be ignored. ASK PAT ROBERTSON.


"Our president is going to spend a zillion dollars to protect us from the pandemic of avian flu, which has killed 60 folks — in Asia — since 2002."

a zillion dollars?

So much for Joseph Moore's ministry of truth.

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