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November 19, 2005

No to banning books

I am a parent of two Blue Valley School District students. I fully support the district and the Blue Valley Board of Education in the decisions they have made regarding the suppression of books (“State board chief faults Blue Valley book rulings,” 11/16, Metro).

The district has appropriately provided for parental involvement, including allowing for parents to opt out of having their students read any book the parents deem objectionable. What I find objectionable is the way many of these book-banning parents, and Kansas Board of Education chairman Steve Abrams specifically, have stated that they speak for me. They do not.

I have complete trust in the abilities of the teachers of Blue Valley, and indeed in the teachers of Kansas, to use these literary works as a way to open up greater opportunities for understanding among students. I am also hopeful these works of literature will offer opportunities for important discussions with my children in our own home.

I know educators from all over the state. We have excellent and dedicated teachers working daily to ensure that our students receive the best possible education. Let’s let them do their jobs.

Kay Hopkins



In an appropriate setting(such as a philosophy or sociology class), religion is a fine topic, even in public schools. I don't think anyone is trying to ban the word "God" from being spoken anywhere in the vicinity of the classroom. However, teaching and preaching about God in class, especially if the student is then required to regurgitate the "knowledge" should not be allowed.
On semi-unrelated note, I was glad about all the controversy over "the Giver" last year. I was inspired to read it and discovered a fantastic little book.

Ray Seay

How about book banmners who censor even the mention of religion,even in non science classrooms, from public schools?"

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