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November 17, 2005

Not just the young

Not all singles are ages 20 to 34. For several weeks, The Star ran articles on dating focused in that direction.

There are thousands of us over 50 who are single or divorced or widowed.

The 20-to-34 group will generally find each other. It’s not as easy when you’re over 50.

Most of us are still healthy and active, and our kids are grown. And for the most part, we still look pretty good.

Give us a break.

Patti Weinrich Davis
Prairie Village



If your over 50 and don't have any friends to introduce you to others (or dont want to) then you have to ask yourself if your really a person your friends respect. Lots of people feel they deserve to date, but are not qualiy people. Your friends are not going to tell you they dont want to help. Reexamine yourself to see if you worthy of companionship.


Goodgirl and leawoodowner, posting in the dating category says you are unmarried?
I can see why. Goodgirl just assumes Patti has no friends since no one has 'fixed her up'. I'm 45 and have more friends than the average person and co-workers that lean heavy on female employees in my career. All are married. Except for a few single women at work who want to be fixed up themselves.
You see, no one age group is more desireable as print material. You will have as many middle aged wanting to read about their peers whether divorced or widowed as you will youth wanting to read about their age group. You also missed Patti's point that there isn't just one point of view for singles and print materials lean toward one group more than others.
I love the comment there is alot to be said for marrying a healthy mate in your youth that you stay married to well into your old age. Thats what most all of the 50ish did when they were your age and with so many looking for mate, what does that say about YOUR futures? Just remember, 'to be honest' when you are widowed or divorced someday in your middle age, we won't want to read about you being mateless, because we'll be senior citizens and we won't want to hear how your life took a turn you didn't expect because you were so stupid when you were young, and the youth won't want to read about your 'efforts to remarry'. So there.


The best way to obtain dates is through friends. If you have few friends, or they dont respect you, they may not want to assist you. But its a fact that contacts and friends are key. If your 50 then you should have lots of friends - if your reasonably social. Sounds like your not, thus you have a hard time meeting people. If you have grown children maybe they can help. Or you could go to church to meet men. Dating clubs are a waste of time. KC is a town for the young, you will have a hard time finding a man even if your attractive.


You missed the intent of the article. Most never married singles are ages 20 to 34. The article covers those seeking to find mates and get married for the first time.

Being divorced/widowed/separated is not the same as being "single". Being divorced once, twice or three times is not being single. Its being divorced once twice or 3 times. There is a huge difference in the public eye. To be honest, nobody wants to read about widowed or divorced people's efforts to remarry. And people over 50 look their age. There is nothing worst than a 50 year old dressing like a 30 year old. Too much of that in KC. And any women over 60 might as well resign themselves to spinsterism. There is alot to be said for marrying a healthy mate in your youth that you stay married to well into your old age.

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