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November 22, 2005

The wood alternative

I read with interest the article (11/20, Metro) on people turning to wood/pellet stoves as an alternative to natural gas for home heating. I’m among those making the change, and I love it.

My house now has a nice, even warmth that it never did using my conventional furnace. I was amused by the comment by the Missouri Gas Energy spokeswoman saying that people were wasting their time and money going to wood heat. What else was she going to say? That’s like asking an Exxon/Mobil spokesperson to comment on hydrogen-powered vehicles.

I’ll tell you what’s even more amusing: Since I started burning wood two weeks ago, my original furnace hasn’t come on once.
It should come as no surprise that independent-minded people, fed up with the unchecked energy gouging of big energy companies, are taking matters into their own hands. You raise my rates 40 percent, you lose my business. Simple.

Chris Harper
Oak Grove, Mo.

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