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November 28, 2005

Why not downtown?

Some people believe that the possibility of building a downtown ballpark in Kansas City is some ludicrous, impractical, pie-in-the-sky fantasy. But the same people fully support the “rolling roof” idea.

Instead of investing hard-earned tax dollars into a type of project with a proven success record all over the country, these visionaries would rather blow a half-billion dollars on a 35-year-old plan that has never been taken seriously.

Some have also suggested that building a downtown ballpark would be stupid since Royals owner David Glass isn’t interested. But Glass has often stated he would be happy with whatever the people of Kansas City wanted.

He took a much stronger stance recently against the new roof on wheels, however, when he refused to contribute any funds to a plan that involved such a flagrant waste of money.

John B. Theisman
Gardner, Kan.



I don't understand why Kansas Citians always think it has to be one or the other. Why can we not do both? Obviously BOTH would really make Kansas City a great place to live, visit, and move a business.

If the KC School system's problem is $$, and we are going to only place one tax, it should probably go to the schools. However, I would suggest that the KC School system's problems go beyond just money.

But I think our problem as a city is that we all to often look at it has to be this or that. We should be looking much bigger picture and be looking to do all of it, or as much as is feasibly possible...and the possibilities are much bigger than what we pretend they are.


It's a stretch to say that the same people who oppose a downtown ballpark support the rolling roof (why would we need a roof over Kauffman anyway?). Maybe some do. Not I.

Neither idea is likely to produce net positive results for the area. On the other hand, making the Kanasas City School District a bragging point rather than a pain point is very likely to produce net positive results for the area.

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