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December 01, 2005

Help neighborhoods

There are many blighted neighborhoods in Kansas City, Mo. I live in one.

We have potholes big enough to damage a car tire. We have people who will not maintain their homes or yards because the city code inspectors and the courts will not enforce the codes.

I have tried to work with the inspectors and the homeowners association. I have written to Mayor Kay Barnes, Mayor Pro Tem Alvin Brooks and to my councilman about one house in particular. The lawn never gets mowed. It looks like a jungle. Nothing has been done.

We hear daily about our leaders’ plans for new sports arenas and stadiums, refurbished stadiums, rolling roofs and other multimillion-dollar plans that they want me to vote for and to pay for with my tax money.

I don’t think so — not until they can use the money we are all paying now to provide some basic services for neighborhoods.

Most of the people in Kansas City can’t afford to attend the events that take place at these arenas and stadiums anyway.  Why should we pay for a playground for the well off?

John Stolte
Kansas City



My personal opinion is that if I can't afford to go see a game, park, and eat a small meal with a beverage without saving for a few months, I'd rather see it on TV. With all the money the Chiefs and Royals are getting from the public who actually go to see the games, I think they can afford to fix it up themselves. If they want to move away, I can still watch them on TV just the same as I am now.

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