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February 23, 2006

Cheney irresponsible

I have been teaching my 10-year-old son about firearms and safe handling practices since the first of the year.

I have given him copies of the “Ten Commandments of Firearms Safety” and other information from various Web sites, including the National Rifle Association.

When we heard about Dick Cheney’s accident, I asked my son what he thought. His reply was, “Dad, you are responsible for the projectile from the time you pull the trigger until the final impact.”

I was proud that he was able to understand the safety implications of the vice president’s irresponsible firearm handling.

He then asked me what the “stamp” was that Cheney didn’t have. I told him that it was part of the hunting license and that the taking of game without a license was called poaching.

This was a great teaching moment for my son and me.

I also was able to teach him that a real man owns up to his mistakes immediately and doesn’t have to have someone hold his hand.

Michael Wegley
Ozawkie, Kan.


Ray Seay

The VP should have been more careful;

It was reported and investigated.
He was not drunk.
No charges were filed.

"Vice president Cheney: takes full responsibility for hunting accident in his first interview since shooting.. ... “I'm the guy who pulled the trigger” and that he alone is responsible for a weekend hunting accident.."

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