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March 31, 2006

Don’t ignore real cost

On NPR recently, Albert Riederer (“Save Our Stadiums” co-chairman) said that we shouldn’t concern ourselves with the interest on the proposed $575 million stadium renovations.

To paraphrase Mr. Riederer: “When you buy a $10,000 car, you don’t talk about the interest you pay. You say, ‘I bought a $10,000 car.’.”

The truth is that smart consumers do consider the interest, particularly when dealing with slick salesmen trying to pressure them into a deal only available today.

The pro-tax push is all about de-emphasizing the costs, overemphasizing the benefits and drumming up emotional support for “saving the teams.”

Jackson County voters are being blackmailed into approving a bad deal stemming from a bad lease agreement. The team owners haven’t said that they would pick up and move if the renovation package isn’t approved, but they have said that it’s the last time they want to take it to the voters, which amounts to the same thing.

I’m voting no on Tuesday, but I will vote to fund the requirements of the current lease agreement if Jackson County puts it on the ballot this fall.

Samuel Bennett
Kansas City


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