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March 02, 2006

Look at ports deal

I think it would be beneficial if everyone, The Star included, would more precisely comment on the proposed sale of the leases at six U.S. ports to Dubai Ports World.

More review needed” (2/23 editorial) states that President Bush wants to approve a deal “that would leave a state-owned company in a tiny Persian Gulf emirate running six large U.S. seaports.”

Does the editorial writer not know that the Port of New York/New Jersey is “run” by the Port Authority — not by any terminal lessee?

Dubai Ports World will take over the leases of some terminals at the Port of New York/New Jersey. It will not “run” this port, nor the Port of Baltimore, nor the Port of Philadelphia, etc. There are several terminals in most large ports. Dubai Ports World will take its place alongside other lessees, all under the control of the port authorities (as well as the security control of the U.S. Coast Guard and Homeland Security Department).

Why not get the facts straight and do a real public service? One can see by the comments in Voices that this misconception is shared by some Star readers.

James A. Burr
Overland Park

Are we, the United States of America, not smart enough and big enough to operate, maintain, manage and protect our own ports?

This great nation must be the laughingstock of the Arab world. That is an embarrassment.

I suggest that we, the U.S. of A, at once cancel all agreements of any sort regarding our ports and return any monies paid up front by others for use, access, operation, etc.

We should then take charge and put our citizens to doing the work at all levels.

I have voted Republican in every election starting in the first election in the 1940s. But if this administration proceeds with this mess, it may very well destroy the party — just what the opposition at home and abroad wants.

John P. Thiessen



Trust me on this. I don't have the facts.

My geuss is that with the exception of a few people in the administration, no one has or is going to have the "facts".

Isn't the Administration playing, "the process is classified" game with this like they do with almost everything else?

Jim Dent

"Unfortunately, the media has already come to its liberal conclusions."
And then....
"Let’s get the facts, ‘Jack’, before shooting from the hip."

Sound's like you have already reached a conclusion about the media, and fired away.
Out of curiosity, what part of the media coverage in this case do you object to?

Ray Seay



Ray Seay

I repeat what I said elsewhere. If it was a German, Italian, Canadian company, we would nevere here of it.

Since it is Arab, it is the end of US.
This is anti Arab, and political.
Maybe Pres. Bush caused the Holocaust.


Amen! John, I agree with you. Let’s get the facts. Reminds me of “Ready, Fire, Aim”. The port deal will be examined and re-examined by Congress. Unfortunately, the media has already come to its liberal conclusions.

I don’t pretend to have any answers. I do recall Jimmy Carter approving the transfer of both ends of the Panama Canal to the Chinese in 1999. Let’s get the facts, ‘Jack’, before shooting from the hip.


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