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March 31, 2006

Mentors appreciated

In the mail, the third big, four-color promo for the stadiums — this one titled “Keep the Teams” — features some personal appearances of players and all the good things money can buy for good causes. This is greatly appreciated, yet I was struck by the need for one-on-one mentors of character. (We hardly know what character is anymore.)

On the front page of The Star on March 20, two lead articles told the problem and the answer. One: A study reveals young black males falling behind all across the nation. And next to it: Tony Aguirre, mentor to three generations of Hispanic youth, is honored in his passing.

We have some good organizations and some players committed to mentoring. We need more — more players and more responsible black men spending time with young people, caring enough to set a good example, encouraging the youth to set long-range goals and hurdle the hazards on the way.

Bless those who are and may many more hear and heed the call.

Alex Colbert
Kansas City


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