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March 03, 2006

Ports deal

I don't quite get it. Why can't we manage our own ports? A country that can put a man on the moon does not have the ability to manage its own ports?

There is evidently big money in port management. The Dubai Ports World deal was worth $7 billion. Why don't we have some courses at a few large universities on port management?

Why ask for security problems when the answer could be right here in our own back yard?

Carl Galler



mscott- all of the workers at these ports will continue to be American union employees. Probably one of the reasons the return on investment of ownership isn't great enough to atract American interest.


what? give jobs to U.S. citizens? Why would our big business world want to do something like that? They would have to pay for health insurance, unemployment insurance, life insurance, etc ad infinitum... This way we can pay someone else to watch our ports and not have to worry about all that troublesome paperwork, bookkeeping, training and again etc. ad infinitum. People just don't understand the way business people think. (btw lots of sarcasm implied) When we are continually sending jobs overseas and getting tax breaks to businesses that do so, why would anyone even think of hiring locally. It's not good business.

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