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April 21, 2006

Intelligence leak

Where are all the Republican voices that were so loud when Bill Clinton stood before the camera and lied to the American people?

There seems to be a belief in moral relativism in the Republicans’ view of President Bush’s behavior.

Bush stood before the camera and told the American people that he would not stand for the leaking of classified information. He also said he would remove anyone from his administration who was involved in such behavior.

When it became clear people in the administration were involved in leaks, he softened his position on their removal.

Now we know the president himself was leaking classified information.

We are now given some tortured logic that it is not a leak of classified information if the president declassifies and leaks it.

Are we also supposed to believe it is not a lie if the president says it’s not a lie?

David Langton



"similar to that which arose in the Valerie Plame situation, although no laws were broken in that case."

If memory serves me right, Engineer disagrees with the CIA's own assessment that Plame was a covert agent, so it logically follows (for him) that no law was broken when she was outed.

We covered this months ago. See here:




engineer: I would think you would be livid that the Administration leaked in the Valerie Plame case. A CIA officer was outed. A top Administration official is under indictment for lying to the grand jury trying to investigate it.

Yet, you seem to see an Administration Official illegally blocking a Grand Jury investigation as "proof" that no crime has been commited.

I always thought you were a "law and order" kind of guy. Seems more and more like you don't think the law should apply to anyone who agrees with your political beliefs. That's sad.


Engineer-No offense, but your reply illustrates my point. "Yeah, I took candy from the candy jar, but Johnny took more!"

If your real concern is the "leak" is investigated, it already is.


Sorry to offend you. But it's a pretty mild whine compared to the ones that keeep echoing from the Left.


Engineer-There are at least two investigations in the leak case to which you refer. Frankly, you and many others on the right who continue to make this whine, sound like a bunch of children.


Good news for all of you concerned about "leakers". The CIA has just canned Mary O. McCarthy, who has been identified as the one leaking the story about the secret overseas detention facilities. She was fired for making "unathorized disclosures of classified information for politicasl reasons." She is a former White House Intelligence Aide in the Clinton Administration who was serving in a senior position in the CIA's inspector general's office. What she has done is a crime, so we can eagerly await the clamor from the left for an investigation similar to that which arose in the Valerie Plame situation, although no laws were broken in that case.


I must admit that it is somewhat of a surprise to me that there is enough "intelligence" in the administration that some might leak out.


I geuss it depends on what your definiton of "is" is.

When President Bush said he would fire anyone disclosing classified information, he meant anyone disclosing classified information that might contradict the official position. THat is why when he "declassified selected pieces" of the NIE it was only those pieces that could be used to support his postion. Apparently, anything that might contradict him remains classified.

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