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April 07, 2006

Video games

I hope the Senate succeeds in its quest to control the distribution of blood-and-gore video games, but the proposed Band-Aid is not likely to stanch the flow (4/4, A-1, “Studies link media to modern ills”).

Unfortunately, maturity does not begin with a number. Many 15-year-olds, after satisfying their curiosity, would reject this form of “entertainment,” and plenty of 30-year-olds would continue to wallow in it.

If it stopped in the video box, society could afford to turn a blind eye; but that box has opened, and the characters have spilled out onto our streets.

A strong connection between environment and behavior is well-established. Those video games described in The Star’s feature (3/30, A-1) have no redeeming social value, but they carry great potential for harm. Mature people would not want to play them, and immature people shouldn’t.

In a sane world, they would not be on the market at all. It is unfortunate that we have tied our hands in the courts to the extent that we are now at liberty to strangle ourselves on “free speech.”

Frances Gatlin



Whats up with our country. This whole concept is legalized censorship. Did we not loose thousands of lives on the beaches of normandy to protect our freedom? Did we not loose thousands of lives? What about all the people over in Iraq right now? They are fighting for a country that is loosing its constitution by the minute? What happened to freedom of the media? Freedom of the press? Fair Use - the whole principal of the copyright act of 1978? What is happening to our privacy? Our right to freedom of speech?

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