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May 16, 2006

Downtown lofts

I have to laugh when reading in The Star about suburbanites rushing to occupy their new lofts in downtown KC. From 1979 until 2001, I lived in a loft in the Union Hill area.

The new urban pioneers will soon realize it is not safe to leave their gated, guarded concrete enclaves after 5 p.m. for a walk or a bike ride. Soon they will realize they must return to those dreaded suburbs to buy groceries, clothes, etc. Eventually they are going to have to deal with the Kansas City Water Department, trash pickup, codes enforcement or the police. At some point, they are going to notice the crumbling curbs, sidewalks, streets and traffic systems, and the ubiquitous gunfire, trash and broken liquor bottles.

Looking for a deal on a trendy downtown loft? Just wait a while. There will be lots of them.

Tom Hemmen



GCYL-You've been told correctly...Cosentino's is committed to opening a full-service grocery downtown.



Yeah I used to shop at the Vivion Price Chopper. But then they added a meat market and a bakery at the City Market, and the new Chinatown opened. Even with the farmers gone during the winter, the perimeter City Market shops stay open and have enough stuff to fill my belly. :)


"I buy most of my groceries at the City Market..." - ScooterJ

Thank you. I've been at the City Market during the "off" hours (some time other than Saturday morning during the summer) and was caught by suprise with the smaller inventory.

I assumed that many residence would go to the Sunfresh at Westport or Price Chopper north of the river at Vivion and North Oak Trafficway.

I've also been told they've promised a new grocery store inside the down town construction. We shall see.


I buy most of my groceries at the City Market, which is open year-round, 7 days a week. I get fresh meat, eggs, fruit, vegetables, breads, baked goods, coffee, cheese, milk, etc. I can also get my cleaning products, paper products, medications, beer, wine, soda, snacks, and so forth within just a few blocks. Between the City Market, Chinatown Market, and the Osco at 10th & Main -- at least 95% of my needs are met. In the rare cases I need something more, the Sunfresh in Westport has me covered. Most of the food I get is fresher and far cheaper than the same products in suburban supermarkets and it's all just a short walk away.

And when I don't want to cook I have several options. Just in my neighborhood alone there are multiple pizza places, Chinese, BBQ, Vietnamese, greasy spoons, Mexican, Ethiopian, bar-and-grill, Italian, French, and deli sandwich places.


"I do not go to the suburbs to buy groceries.."

Just out of curiosity, where does downtown do their grocery shopping? I'm guessing Westport or north of the river.


Good response by Scooter -- should submit that for actual publication in the paper.


Weird... I have lived in a downtown loft for the past 3 years. I have never heard a gunshot. I do not go to the suburbs to buy groceries or clothes. I have never had an issue with water, trash pickup, or the police. My "enclave" is neither gated, guarded, nor concrete. I am outside after 5pm every day (and usually much later) -- and I walk my dog throughout the downtown loop late at night a couple of times a week -- yet have never been a victim of crime, witnessed any crime, nor felt uncomfortable.

Prior to that I lived in Olathe for 3 years. When I lived there I did hear gunshots, I did become a victim of crime, and I had to drive further for groceries than I do now.


If all of these negative things were present that you claim, why did you spend a quarter of your life living there?

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