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July 24, 2006

Diuguid column

Now that Lewis Diuguid has exposed the hidden racism of Boulevard Beer (Pale Ale being an obvious reference to one’s skin color), it looks like he is back to his usual subject: why President Bush in particular and Republicans in general are to blame for everything (7/19, Opinion, “Voters should steer to the left to put America back on course”).

As usual it’s little more than a laundry list of perceived errors and disproved accusations:

Karl Rove leaking Valerie Plame’s name: Not true, says Robert Novak, the columnist who wrote the story in the first place.

Rampant corruption in the administration: In six years only one person, Scooter Libby, has been indicted.

Gasoline price gouging: No charges have been filed after an in-depth investigation.

Surveillance of Americans: Perfectly legal, say the courts.

The economy doesn’t “feel” rosy: Pardon me for believing what every measurable economic statistic says (huge number of jobs created, little to no inflation, strong growth quarter after quarter) and not Mr. Diuguid’s feelings.

I don’t care if Mr. Diuguid gets his political ideology from a bumper sticker, the DailyKos or the Easter Bunny, but he should at least be able to get his facts right.

Connor Buchanan
Kansas City

Lewis Diuguid advises voters to “Turn Left at the Next Election,” a slogan he picked up from a car bumper sticker. This is dangerous advice.

Everyone knows that left turns are more dangerous than right turns.

It is OK to turn left, but if you stay on that course too long before turning back to the right you will experience “fender benders” and end up like France and Germany with an 18 percent to 20 percent unemployment rates, dependent on someone else for national security.

If you keep going left without turning back to the right, you will end up a total wreck like Cuba and North Korea.

Keep driving on the right side of the road, not on the left, and make as few of those dangerous left turns as possible. And I always remember what my mama told me: “Son, don’t drive down the middle of the road, or you will get hit from both sides.”

Dillon Gaulding
Overland Park



M.L. Stein:

"I can only hope that no one believes that just because the lawbreakers hiding in the Bush administration have not been indicted, they have not broken the law. They have."

Enlighten us. Who specifically has broken laws and which laws were broken?

Put up or shut up.

Jim Satterfield

But NASCAR, that favorite of the politically conservative, is nothing but left turns.

And I always think that if I am getting hit politically by the fringies from both sides I must be doing something right.

M. L. Stein

Connor Buchanan thinks that he has adequately disclaimed Lewis Diuguid’s opinions, shared by a majority of people, that there is corruption, malfeasance, and incompetence in the Republican controlled government by simply saying that there haven’t been indictments. He like most Bush supporters is attempting to deflect the facts by confusing the issue. Broken laws and indictments are not the same.

The main reason that there are not more indictments is simple. The Republican controlled Justice Department and the Republican controlled Legislature have abrogated their primary responsibility to provide oversight of the Executive and uphold the law.

I can only hope that no one believes that just because the lawbreakers hiding in the Bush administration have not been indicted, they have not broken the law. They have.

I don’t know how any intelligent person could possibly not understand the difference between broken laws and indictments.

Bush is probably breaking the law by refusing to enforce laws that he signs. It should be investigated by an independent agency. The Justice Department certainly cannot be trusted.

Congress is guilty of malfeasance by not performing their oversight and indicting or impeaching Bush. At a minimum they should be investigating all the potential lawbreaking. It’s not surprising though, because these Republicans believe they’re above the law.


Mr Gaulding: Ain't you cute. But you forgot that "three rights equal one left". And it isn't that being in the middle politically gets you "hit from both sides". In the current environment it just gets you ignored by both sides.

Regardless, your mamma's driving pointers are the weakest excuse for a method of voting I have ever read.

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