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July 25, 2006

Israel defending itself

With support from the autocratic regimes in Syria and Iran, extremist groups in Lebanon have decided to turn that country once again into a battleground. It is a catastrophe for the Lebanese, who know too well the high price to be paid for this — largely by the innocent.

But the spiraling violence also provides clear evidence that the international community must take a far tougher line with Syria, Iran and their terrorist organizations.

Ultimately, national governments must be held responsible for military activities within their borders

Had Syria and Iran been held responsible earlier for supporting and harboring Hezbollah, some of the current bloodshed in Lebanon and Israel might have been avoided.

In the Arab world and elsewhere, there is a line forming to denounce Israel for defending itself. The difficulty for those who are quick to denounce Israel’s actions: They need to be reminded that Israel withdrew from southern Lebanon six years ago.

As happened more recently in the Gaza Strip, however, Israel’s withdrawal in southern Lebanon failed to appease the extremists. The issue for them isn’t really Lebanon, Gaza or the West Bank. It’s simply Israel’s right to exist.

Ann Jacobson
Kansas City



It is hard to disagree with aything Ann Jacobaon says, but what is to be done? Some of the main players, China, Russia and France do not seem to be really interested in establishing settled conditions. The UN has demonstrated that it is totally unable to take any effective action so far as conflict control is concerned. Iran calls for the destruction of Israel and the UN takes no real action. China's client state, North Korea, launches rockets and China sheds crocodile tears and the UN dithers.


Isn't posting the same thing on thread after thread considered "spamming" the site? Isn't there a rule against that?

Sophie Demartine

You Can Not Kill Us All

This is a must listen interview with Tina Naccache in Beirut

The Silence of the good people of the United States is deafening! How can they not do anything? Click here to listen


Sophie Demartine

This is it, Armageddon, we are in its throes and it is up to the American People to decide what they want and quick, there’s not much time left.

Whatever you think of Hezbollah ...the Lebanese , the Arab World and the Palestinians think of them as heroes. For the Arab world Hezbollah is the French Resistance, the Irish Republican Army, Che Guevara , Camilo Cienfuegos and “los barbudos” , the Minutemen of the American Revolution...

Hezbollah built hospitals and water purification plants, when no one else would, they defended the humiliation and oppression of the Palestinian people when no one else would. The Israelis know you can’t subjugate heroes you can only eliminate them. Now the Israelis are dropping American made cluster bombs and white phosphorous bombs to do just that, however they are missing their targets 90% of the time and hundreds of children are suffering or dead as a result.

To make a very long story very short, America wants to keep the middle east under their control either by tyranny as in Saudi Arabia and Iran or by poverty as in the Palestinian Bantustan. The last thing America wants is to see social democracies springing up in the Middle East, like the ones that recently sprang up in Venezuela and Bolivia. Iran was going the way of Democracy with the election of Mossadegh yet our newly born CIA got rid of him and replaced him with a tyrant puppet of the U.S. If we had left Mossadegh in power, Iran would be a prosperous democracy today and probably so would have been the whole of the Middle East, and Osama bin Laden would probably be running a construction company building hospitals instead of bombs. Yet we can’t change the past. Today Iran is again on the verge of Democracy only the Iraq invasion is keeping the Iranian rebels from rebelling against the Mullahs.

Today we Americans have hard choices to make, thanks to all our immoral actions of the recent past.

If Bush nukes Iran, Russia and China have threatened to retaliate against us, I believe they will because the Middle East is important to them too. For the moment they do nothing because they see us losing the invasion of Iraq without their intervention. China ordered North Korea to fire those test missiles to show us they mean business. North Korea is a China puppet. Russia is pointing its missiles at us again for the first time since the end of the cold war.

America can not win a conventional war in Iraq the reason is several independent polls taken of our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan show that more than 75% of our soldiers are there not to defend America or bring Freedom to Iraq , but to defend their brothers in arms and earn income and health coverage for their families…75% percent of our soldiers think that this invasion is a terrible mistake, they think their Commander and Chief is a coward and they just want to come home. They are ashamed of the Democratic party for not showing more courage and opposition and most of all they blame the American people for allowing all this to happen in the first place by voting Republican. I generalize, of course, but this is more or less the case.

If Bush does NOT nuke Iran, Bush /Cheney and the PNAC fascists will lose Iraq and eventually the whole Middle East eventually, including Saudi Arabia, so the stakes are really high for the fascists, either they risk World War III (and very possibly a nuclear war at that ) or they lose all power for a long time, because they bankrupted America with this fiasco and without war to keep them in power they’re cooked politically and all the truth will come out and fry them forever.

However, this is not like the 60s when we had a Kennedy at the helm to help us avoid nuclear holocaust, no this time we have George W. Bush at the helm. If his past record is any indication, nuclear holocaust is inevitable unless we impeach him and fast.

If we quit now, if we pull out Iraq all together, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia will become social democracies, after some turmoil and popular revolutions, yet like Venezuela and Bolivia , they too will become social democracies, relatively quickly. They will nationalize their oil industries and our oil corporations will be out of business. Thus the stakes are high for the fat cats.

Yet I’m not a fat cat, I’d rather have peace , drive an electric car and get my energy from Solar, Wind and Wave than risk Chinese and Russian nukes dropping on our power plants , major cities and my home.

The DLC Democrats are out of the picture now they gave up their authority when they refused to contest the vote fraud of 2000 and 2004. I don’t blame Kerry or Gore , I blame the DLC, the right wing of the Democratic Party.

There is only one solution now, impeachment and marching in the streets, to oust all the Republican fascists and force the Democrats to do our bidding and not the bidding of the Corporations , it’s our only hope.

Look at the big picture, the Republican fascists are dead set on going to Iran and that means fighting against Russia and China.

Europe will remain neutral they will not help a Fascist America though they would support a Democratic America. For the moment they’re not sure who we are as a people, are the American people fascists too…or just the government? Will the American people oust the fascists or not? Europe is waiting to see.

So either We the People impeach this fascist government ASAP or we may all have other things to worry about, other than gay marriage, immigration and stem cell research… like endemic cancer , radioactive burns on our children, radioactive water and food, no more New York or Los Angeles...

The Democrats are not the solution, they too obey Corporate America, they have to know that either they go against Corporate America this time around or they will replaced by those who will. The very health and lives of our children are at stake. It is time to impeach, it is time to rebel, it’s time to split the Democratic party, it is time for Boston Tea Party II.

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