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July 08, 2006

North Korea

Holiday provided contrast

Independence Day 2006 provided us quite a contrast regarding the United States and North Korea.

We, the leaders of the free world, celebrated the anniversary of our independence by attending barbecues, parades and fireworks displays. We also sent the space shuttle back into space. Makes me proud to be an American.

Meanwhile, North Korea, whose people are starving because their leader would rather spend money on expensive fireworks, fired off six of his overpriced bottle rockets, though the grand finale was a dud.

Chris Harper
Oak Grove

Why at war with Iraq?

I wish one of the administration's mouthpieces could explain why when North Korea, which we know to have nuclear weapons, fires multiple missiles in our direction, we do nothing but protest. Yet a few years ago, we invaded the nation of Iraq when it no longer had WMDs, much less any nuclear weapons or long-range missiles. What are we doing anyway?

Rick Martin
Lee's Summit



Our nation, to our shame, is operating by the rules of the school yard bully. We invaded Iraq because they did NOT have any WMDs and were relatively safe. Experience has shown us that they were not so safe as we thought, nevertheless that was the theory of the neocons.

North Korea, on the other hand, really does have nuclear weapons. This makes them not safe to fool with. A state of mutual destruction exists. Many decades of standoff with Russia showed that this does work, even though it is hard on the nerves.

Of course Iran wants nuclear weapons as well. What other chance of survival do they have? We taught them the way bullies operate and the only way to avoid an invasion is to make it clearly too dangerous.

We are going to pay dearly for many decades for the horrible mistake made for us by this administration when we invaded Iraq.


Old Drum
Just on what do you base your repeated charges that we are in Iraq for their oil? We have put their fields back into production but we have not taken the oil. The situation is surely better than when Saddam was taking a big portion of the revenues and sharing the rest with compliant and corrupt officials in the UN, France and Russia.

Old Drum

In Iraq, we are making sure our oil under Iraqi sand remains available to us.

If North Korea had any of our oil, I think Bush and Co. would discover that diplomacy is just not working anymore. To the best of our knowledge, North Korea is not hiding any of our oil.

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