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July 22, 2006

Paying for memorial

The families of those killed in the Hyatt disaster got plenty of money in lawsuits and settlements. If they want a memorial, they can afford to pay for it themselves.
Tom Guyot
Kansas City, Kan.



The detailed investigation into this tragedy found it to be the result of shocking Professional inattention and lack of proper design review on the part of the people in charge of the design for the structural engineering firm that did the design. There was no corruption in the sense of cutting corners to save money.


Sophie - I think Haliburton was in charge of the construction. They probably skimmed money that would have provided better quality work to line Cheney's pockets... but you probably suspected all this allready.

Sophie Demartine

Can anybody tell me how much compensation was paid out and if the people responsible for the faulty construction did it to cut costs?...did anyone go to jail for this disaster? Did the KC STAR investigate properly? Did the police and FBI do their job?

A memorial could be a good reminder of corruption or incompetence or both to firms implementing future construction contracts, a memorial could help to keep future contractors honest.

I think the memorial is a good idea and those responsible for the faulty construction should pay for it, and if they can't be found, the public should pay for it because the memorial will serve the public.

Joe Barone

Ah, come on! Is there any amount of money that would pay for the life of a family member or a friend? Those folks deserve a memorial which the public pays for.

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