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July 10, 2006

Urban schools are key

Urban sprawl is nothing new (7/6, Yael Abouhalkah column, "With sprawl, we're being spread too thin"). There are three things I feel are essential to bringing families back to the urban core.

1. Fix the public schools

2. Bring corporations back to downtown

3. Light rail

The rising price of fuel and the expected escalation when China begins to drive will make living near your work desirable. Bringing jobs downtown will bring the workers downtown, but for one caveat: public schools.

I believe there is an underlying cynicism about our schools. Our leaders seem to ignore the issue. I don't think they realize the consequences. Or if they do, don't have a solution.

Clay Chastain is once again pushing for light rail, and once again he is just another leader who's ignoring the core issue keeping people away from the city.

Power and Light district: sexy

Moving the Royals downtown: exciting

Light rail: uber sexy

A leader willing to take on the school board: priceless

David Farnam
Kansas City



that should have been 3


KC had it's chance and blew it. The new downtown is overland park. Businesses and the population moved that way due to three issues:

1 poor KC, MO schools
2 poor elected officials who could not keep the businesses downtown
2 the Triangle and the fact that it was too difficult to live in MO and work in KS.

T. Hanson

School system is important, but also the Crime rate. Have a uniformed officer presentence. Have them walk "The Beat" talk to the neighbors. A lot of people just don't feel that safe downtown.

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