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August 01, 2006

‘Axis of evil’

The cartoon by Michael Ramirez (7/28) implies that President Bush has gotten the last laugh regarding his use of the expression “axis of evil.”

The first panel shows lots of ha-ha-ha’s aimed at Bush in 2002 when he used the phrase, in his State of the Union speech, to describe Iran, Iraq and North Korea. The second panel shows Bush in 2006, standing alone, saying, “Ha!”

Actually, no one laughed at the time, but people pointed out how such a characterization might be reckless and unwise.

So who has won this dispute? At the time of the speech, Iraq was no danger to this country, Iran was held in check by its enemy Iraq, and North Korea was virtually absent from the world stage.

Then we invaded Iraq, disabling it from threatening Iran. North Korea, seeing what we did to Iraq, resumed a bellicose posture with actions to match, and is now a huge threat. Finally Iran, freed from its fear of Iraq, has turned into a real threat, too.

Gee, Mr. President, you win. Nice work.

Joan Hancock


Tom K

I might have given Bush a green light myself if the alternative was being run out of my office every few days by an anthrax threat.


"Actually, no one laughed"

Gee, someone should have told these guys before they spent their money on matching shirts.


T. Hanson

Just remember that there were quite a few Senators that gave him a green light. So just make sure that you make your voices heard next week (in Missouri) and in November!

Sophie Demartine

If WE THE PEOPLE don't wake up and soon , Bush will drop a Nuke on Iranian children, this is already in the works. All of us must protest, call our senators, NOW, we can't wait till November.

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