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August 14, 2006

License tag renewal

There is good news and bad news in this tale of renewing my Missouri license tag.

Someone pulled my year tag off, and so I had to get a new one. I couldn’t find my paid tax receipt, so had to get a new one from the county.

The good news is that the Jackson County Collections Department was courteous and efficient in getting me a paid tax receipt. The bad news was going to the state office building to get the replacement tag.

The lines were long. Most people ahead of me said they had tried to renew online and couldn’t. There were only two people doing renewals. They are nice when you finally get to them. Sometimes only one is available.

If Gov. Matt Blunt thinks this was a good idea and is an example of efficient government, he should come to Kansas City, stand in line himself and see what an awful experience it is.

I used to go to AAA and it took 10 minutes. This experience took two hours.

Citizens shouldn’t be treated this way, and they shouldn’t stand for it any longer.

To top it all off, when I finally got to my car, it had been ticketed for an expired tag!

David Oliver
Kansas City



I got my vehicle license renewal forms the other day and for the first time they included ads for 'Dish TV' and the 'Discover Card'. Junk mail slipped in with official state documents.

The part I like best is sitting in the Lee's Summit license office and watching the plasma TV they hung on the wall for their patrons entertainment. As long as you can be entertained by muffler and transmission shop commercials. Over and over and over. Then when you're finally called into the other room to complete the process with human beings, insurance agent advertisements loom over you from overhead.

Republican priorities. That's why I feel the way I do about you.

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