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August 11, 2006

Mideast conflict

Not the first to try

President Bush is but the latest in a long line of powerful leaders who sought to establish lasting peace in the Middle East. Some were cruel and harsh in their methods. Others were more civil. But all failed and were eventually forced to withdraw, after enormous expenditures of blood and treasure.

The Bush administration has only two years left in order to complete his grand design, which is a short time to overcome centuries of hate and distrust. Unfortunately, the children who survive the bombs and bullets of today will form the armies of tomorrow and almost guarantee that the cycle of violence will continue, despite the best efforts of outside forces.

Kenneth Lee

Taking on Israel

It is interesting to know that every time Israel goes to war they win. They are willing to risk everything to protect themselves. When will Israel’s neighbors learn that when you kick this dog, it bites?

Brad Murphy

‘What if…’ in Mideast

I think Jack Whitaker (8/7, Letters) is right on the mark about what should happen in the Middle East: “…impose boundaries on the two states…”

Oh, wait, that is just what happened in 1947. Israel accepted those meager boundaries and established a world-class democratic country, making contributions to science, medicine and technology in the world.

Meanwhile, the Arabs attacked Israel — once every decade or so — instead of doing what Israel did for its citizens.

Ever wonder what the Mideast would be today if the Arabs focused on building that illusive viable nation just like Israel did?

Those attacks were and are encouraged and supported by Muslim clerics and religious leaders. That is why “there will be no peace in the Middle East until terrorists groups such as Hezbollah are crushed,” as Rabbi Amy Katz wrote in As I See It recently.

Jan Shulkind
Overland Park



Some Asian philosopher said a long time ago that a people must be held like water in the hand. THe tighter the grip, the more slips between your fingers.

That is one of the major problems in fighting this battle. The more you "crush" them, the more people will move to their side.

This is why the "Bush Doctrine" is such a horrible failure.

"He who is convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still."

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