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August 11, 2006

Qana civilian deaths

In her Aug. 4 column on civilian deaths in Qana, Lebanon, caused by Israeli operations, Michelle Malkin addressed “to the photographer-stenographers who were herded to the scene eight hours after the strike,” the question, “Why is it that the bodies of the children were already in a state of rigor mortis?”

This question is easily answered. According to Unnatural Death, by Dr. Michael Baden, “Rigor mortis begins to show two hours after death and takes 12 hours to peak. . . . After 36 hours, the body becomes soft again.”

Now, I have a question of my own: Just how ignorant is Michelle Malkin?

Robert O’Rourke


Old Drum

I sure wish I understood why the Star prints the screeds of Michelle Malkin.

Even the Israeli army acknowledged that on the day of the shelling of Qana there were no missiles launched.

T. Hanson

Agreed. She is one step below the level of Coulter.


How ignorant is Michelle Malkin?

How high is the sky.

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