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August 01, 2006

Racist rhyme

Some time ago I was fined for allowing my cat to be in my front yard unaccompanied and unleashed. In letting my cat roam outside, I had no intention of breaking the Lenexa law. I simply had no idea there was a law that prohibits my cat from going out alone. Yet I was not considered innocent because of my ignorance. I received a costly reprimand.

In the same way people who say they weren’t aware of the “Eenie, meenie” rhyme’s racist background cannot say they are innocent because of their ignorance. The rhyme has racist implications. Whether they have used it in such a way is irrelevant.

Much as I had to learn from my brush with the law, so should they learn from this new information about the rhyme. Having it pointed out to them so they might learn is not “making a mountain out of a molehill,” as Jodie (Demmel) Van Meter says (7/28, Letters). It is pointing out the molehill so that it can be avoided, so that no one gets hurt.

Elsje M. Smit



Elsje M. Smit’s letter is just another example of the Star’s efforts at entertainment. Elsje’s letter is an example of a person trying to make some kind of determination about a basket of fruit when they compare it to a box of rocks. Her efforts to use a legal concept called “ignorance of the law” with our societies honest disagreement with a rhyme have only taught us this: the logical conclusion of political correctness. Elsje has the power to set all “laws” about societies use of speech and thought. The only thing left for those who disagree with her is to confess their ignorance and change their ways.

I’m sorry you live in a stinky neighborhood Elsje. The next time you have a problem with your society, take it out on your neighbors who turned you and your cat in. They’re the ones that made a mountain out of a molehill.

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