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August 05, 2006

Rhyme in popular song

This letter is in regard to the discussion about Lewis Diuguid’s column about the “Eenie, meenie, minie, moe” rhyme. I was actually curious if Mr. Diuguid has heard the new rap song “I Know You See It” by Yung Joc that has been playing on the radio. “Eeenie, meenie, money, moe” is used over 20 times in the song.

Since Mr. Diuguid assumes the marketing team from Boulevard Brewing Co. is racist for using that slogan on a billboard, I am interested to hear his thoughts on the artists, producers and members of the music label that made a song using the same catchy phrase.

Boulevard used the phrase in reference to choosing a beer; whereas Yung Joc uses it to refer to females using the “B” word. He also refers to men with the derogatory “N” word.

So where is the line crossed for who is allowed to use the phrase and not be considered racist?

Nicole Heilman
Overland Park



Nicole - obviously if you're a member of a minority you can say whatever the hell you want.

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