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September 27, 2006

Focus on defense

Apparently, the U.S. Defense Department wastes precious time and money employing people to monitor our newspapers and chastise them for publishing articles perceived as critical of the Bush administration and its policies (9/23, Letters, “What Rumsfeld said”).

It seems to me the Defense Department should use its resources to conduct real intelligence. Why do we need “assistant secretaries of defense for public affairs”? Since when is the Defense Department in the public relations business? Talk about suffering from “moral and intellectual confusion”!

Pablo La Rosa



Isn't the letter a little silly or anyway misinformed? Haven't all Government Departments had Public Relations Departments for years? Don't such departments do a useful service by informing the public? Yes, the Media does this also, but in the cases where I know the details, I have never experienced a technical article in print or heard one on the air in which the Media got the facts straight.


Pablo: There is no confusion. The Bush administration has no morals and only "values" power.

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