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September 17, 2006

Roadside collections

Somebody needs to tell firefighters Domenic Serrone and Gary Walt (9/13, Letters) that obstructing traffic is against the law. Last time I checked, there was no exception for firefighters begging for money for a “good cause.” I particularly take issue with their view that people who don’t appreciate being inconvenienced by their lawbreaking are the ones with the problem. Perhaps we need to start calling the police when this kind of thing happens.

There are plenty of ways to solicit donations that don’t inconvenience the public. Mr. Serrone and Mr. Walt and their fellow beggars should check into some of them and stop annoying innocent bystanders with their callous disregard for the rights of others. That’s not exactly the smartest method of convincing people to help you out.

I don’t care what your cause is. If you’re interfering with the flow of traffic, the only thing you’ll get from me is a one-finger salute as I drive by.

Dave Hines
Kansas City, Kan.



After what the Dems did to Joe L., it's hard to see how they have any standing to criticize the GOP for its reaction to Lindsey Graham.

T. Hanson

I don't get so annoyed with the flow of traffic. I just get worried that when these organizations decide to put a 10 year old out in the middle of I-29 and Barry Road, or a 7 year old in the middle of Holmes and Banister, or the many other dangerous intersections. This is one thing that is a public hazard and needs to be addressed. For if one of those kids fell off that curb when a car going is going 35 there would be little time and little area where that car could go before someone is really hurt, and then who would be blamed?

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