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September 03, 2006

‘Survivor’ idea a bad one

As you have probably heard by now, the next season of “Survivor” is going to pit ethnic groups against each other. That’s right! They’re going to have four “tribes” — one Caucasian, one African-American, one Asian and one Latino.

Is this just unbelievable? Can you imagine a guy pitching this insane, classless idea to the network honchos? You would think they would have fired him right on the spot and had him escorted off the property as being potentially dangerous. But no. As a matter of fact, they approved this blatantly absurd idea.

I was discussing this with some friends, and they told me they thought it was an interesting concept and that they were looking forward to watching it. Gasp! Am I the only one who finds this concept outrageously stupid and insensitive in the extreme?

Don’t we already have enough problems with race in this country without having a popular TV show exploiting the issue in this crass, inflammatory manner?

Charley Hutto
Kansas City



Let's face it, The more sensational the idea, the better the ratings will be. The general TV watching public seem to love this crap. The alternative: don't watch.

big dreamer

Reality TV in itself is CRAZY if you ask me. They are just trying to prove (which they have) that people will do ANYTHING for a dollar!

Reality TV or not, it is still staged and still rigged. Prove it is not! I don't like the idea in the first place. Lets add race to it and see what happens. It is probably some psychologist's idea so they can study the behavior of one group against the other in a semi-controlled setting!

I wonder which group will whip out the guns and knives first!?

Joe Barone

Maybe if enough of us write in to newspapers like this and complain, it will raise their ratings. Of course, that couldn't have ocurred to the TV producers at all.


I admit I was put off when I originally heard the suggestion of pitting races against each other - on the other hand, I may learn alot about myself by what I feel while watching.

The biggest disapointment for me was when I heard that around half of the new contestants are struggling actors living in L.A. So much for "reality" T.V.

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