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September 05, 2006

Yucca Mountain problems

I agree with your editorial of Aug. 31 that we should not build new nuclear reactors until we’ve begun to bury the present inventory of wastes, but I’m afraid Yucca Mountain has become entangled in a legal black hole from which it will never escape.

The past four years have seen suit after suit filed, and the end is not in sight because there are so many things to sue over.

One is the water leakage problem at Yucca. Another is the storage-can corrosion problem. And still more are the several studies that were not properly conducted.

When Yucca was selected in 1987, it was thought dry, but it isn’t. The C-22 alloy can was thought corrosion-free, but it isn’t. It was trusted that the scientific studies by scientists would be conducted correctly, but several weren’t.

Nevada’s lawyers have enough problems to keep them busy for another generation.

Ron Bourgoin
Rocky Mount, N.C.



There is no where on earth that you can "safely" store this stuff for what amounts to eternity.

Load it in a rocket and fire it into the sun.

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