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October 08, 2006

African’s view of youth

Why, why, why did it take a journalist from Kenya making speeches in the area for Lewis Diuguid to say what needed to be said 13 years ago when my wife and I first came to the Kansas City area (10/4, Opinion, “Young blacks must focus on rules, education”)?

Bill Cosby said essentially the same thing. The “community” didn’t like it. As I remember it, Diuguid didn’t like it.

Peter Makori said the black teens were loud “ruffians,” that this reflects poorly on their parents and the communities that raised them and so on.

As this has been patently obvious for many years, I believe The Star’s Editorial Board could help by encouraging parents and communities to be more aware of their children and their activities at all times.

Schools can only help parents raise their children.

John Schofield



What you say is true enough. But if millions of uneducated people are leaving our school system yearly, and they are, then that is a major problem for our Country. It must be solved, but to date no viable solutions have been suggested. Simply spending more money will not help with the kind of "students" described in the letter. There are school teachers on this blog, do any of them have any suggestions?


It isn't the schools job to help raise your children. It is YOUR job to raise your children. The school's job is to educate your children.

When I was a child, we did not live in fear of gunfire in the hallways. We did not live in fear of the police coming for us due to misbehavior.

We DID live in fear of seeing one or both of our parents coming down the hall. Because if we were causing problems in the school, that is what we got. Our parents coming to solve the problem.

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