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October 23, 2006

Ed Quick

Youthful mistake, life of service

For the love of Pete, give us a break. So Ed Quick got a bad conduct discharge (10/20, Local, “Military verdicts cloud Clay County race”). He was 17. He is now over 70 years old, and he is running for County Commission, for crying out loud.

Let’s put this in perspective.

He has had a stellar and clean career from Kansas City Council all the way to the Missouri Senate, including years as President Pro Tem. I think those who know Quick will agree that this courtly gentleman has served a life of public service with honesty and integrity.

Who would want to be judged by a foolish act committed as a 17-year-old? Quick has shown an ability to grow. He has fought for the underprivileged kids in Missouri because he knows what that is about. Quick has redeemed himself. His record as a public servant shows that.

Jack Ellis
Kansas City

Campaign tactic offends

After reading Bill Graham’s article on the service record of Ed Quick, I felt compelled to write. I would like to ask why this point becomes so important after 50 years.

Is Ed Quick such an impeccable candidate with a strong leadership record that his opponent could not find anything else on which to attack him? I think the answer to that must be yes — that his decades of service more than make up for a bad act while a teenager.

I live in Kansas, so I have no real interest in Ed Quick’s winning or losing, but this article made me sad. Is this what we have turned into — anything to win?

Lisbeth Lurey
Prairie Village



Is Graham a Republican? Sure sounds like their tactics.

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