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October 26, 2006

Ed Quick

Your front page story about Ed Quick’s military service was enlightening since there has been much gossip and no facts.

I did not know Quick when he was a teenager, but I have been acquainted with his public work as a senator from Missouri and earlier in local Clay County politics. I know him as a caring, accessible person, someone who will stop and say hello to a common person on the street and hear his story.

He was the only local representative who would respond and do what he could to help my family when we had a problem. He will certainly have my vote.

And I am glad my mistakes as a teenager have not made the front page.

Leona McDonald
Kansas City



Let's see now. What our President was doing at 40 is "old news" and should be ignored. What did guy did over 50 years ago should be taken into consideration.

I wonder what the difference is? HmmmH?

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