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October 13, 2006

Nuclear test

Why did North Korea test nuclear weapons? Not because they’re afraid of us. It’s because they want to sell them to the highest bidder. The more economic pressure we put on them, the more likely they are to sell them, especially to a terrorist group that wants to attack us.

John Aker
Kansas City



global: I don't hold out much hope as long as the current generation is in charge of things. I have come to view my generation, the "boomers", as generally the most self-centered, whiny bunch that has ever lived in this Nation.

Yes, there are some who live very responsible lives and who have done for others. But, in general, I think my generation has much to be ashamed of in our conduct.

The current generation of the permanent political class knows this. That is why they pander to "wedge issues" and all the worst in people (don't get your undies in a bunch righties, I refer to ALL the politicians).

As a consequence, I view the chances of meaningful change to be extremely limited until a more responsible generation takes over. I don't know if they want the job or not, but I don't think future generations will have much choice.

Us boomers have made a big enough mess that future generations will have no choice but start cleaning up.

Global Citizen

You have no need to reach out to your friends, you just ring them up. You do, however have to reach out to your enemies and try to make them friends, or at least establish mutual respect.

The United States, consumers of 25% of the worlds energy, by 5% of the worlds people, need to reassess who we are and what we stand for. Are we reckless cowboys willing to fight energy wars to sustain an unsustainable lifestyle a little bit longer, or are we sober adults who are willing to make some saccrifices now so our kids and grandkids have a prayer of a livable future? Then vote accordingly.

Study up on Peak Oil if you aren't familiar with it. It's my big issue (I am a self-admited "Peak Oil Crank") and it ALL comes back to the black stuff. The Oil Economy is the lynchpin of modern life. And it is finite.


Seems to me that talking to our adversary worked pretty well during the Cold War. And Nixon reopening contact with China was a major step toward winning the Cold War. It put tremdous pressure on Russia.

Now we appear to have a diplomatic policy of refusing to talk to anyone who doesn't agree with us in avance. This is, at best, dumb.

Alcoholics and other drug addicts tend to be very rigid people. They tend to view the world in a black/white, good/bad, you are with me or against me, way.

It looks to me like that is the kind of foreign policy we are engaging in. "If everybody would just do what I want them too, everything would be okay", doesn't work for alcoholics. Why would we think it would work for us as a Nation?

Global Citizen

I went on about where the danger isn't and disn't point out where I believe the danger is.

I believe that a regional arms race is the thing that is most likely to come out of this that will adversely affect US standing (if we had any left) and diplomatic efforts.

And of course, it is not in the best strategic interest of the United States for the Chinese and Japanese to commence with a love-fest, either. It is best for US trade relations if those two economic super-powers are keeping one another at arms distance.

Global Citizen

The danger is not in an imminent nuclear threat from North Korea, and the danger is not from a nuclear North Korea supplying fissible material to terrorists, so put that thought out of your mind right now. KJI is not stupid - he knows if a Plutonium dirty-bomb is set off anywhere in the world, he is getting the blame whether he supplied the plutonium or not. Remember that scene from The Godfather - the one where Don Corleone tells the heads of the rival crime families that if Michael should suffer a mysterious accident - if he is even struck by lightning - his father will of course blame the people sitting in that room. KJI is a big movie buff. I'm sure he knows the scene well. He is wagering that terrorist organizations do not have the stuff and are not close to getting any. He knows that if a terrorist cell sets off a P-239 dirty bomb, he gets the blame.

This was a breakdown in diplomacy, and it hangs from Bush's scrawny neck.

This isn't even in the same time zone as "good news" but it isn't the eve of destruction, either.

This was a gambit to get back to the bargaining table without losing face, at least that is what every intel officer I am still in contact with thinks. It has been common knowledge in the intel community since the Reagan administration that they "had the inspiration, had invested the perspiration and were just waiting for the motivation." KJI got his motivation when the US withdrew from the agreed framework in 2002, stopped the shipments of heavy fuel oil for heat and energy production and the two LWR's (light water reactors) never went on line. This was a failure of diplomacy.

Drunken Texas cowboys have always been a problem for reasonable people. Drunken Texas cowboys are why Abilene hired Wild Bill Hickock as their sheriff, remember. And we have one now with access to the nuclear football.

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