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October 27, 2006

Port security

Midterm elections are less than two weeks away, so a few weeks ago Bush finally proposed a port security bill — five years after the Sept. 11 attacks. Now that congressional leaders and their religious right masters are pushing for an Iraqi “rethink,” it appears that Bush, Laura and their dog might even be willing to consider it. Only a cynic would see a cheap political tie here, but for the sake of our nation and our dead young soldiers, I sure wish these upcoming midterm elections were four years ago.

Verne Christensen



read the story on the Star's site this afternoon about Maliki "using the elections" to push Bush around. They have attributed quotes from one of his staff members BRAGGING about it.

It is easy to push around a bully when he feels threatened.


We get next year off from being "saved" and protected from fairy dust. We also get next year off from the "flag burning amendment" and all the other B.S. that the Reps use to control the far right fringe. They only trot this B.S. out during election years.

I think there is an agreement, if not direct at least tacit, between the Dems and Reps to bring forth this idiocy during election years.

Think about it. The Reps get to yell, "The fairies are coming for your sons!" and the religious right all falls into place. The Dems get to yell, "They are persecuting the poor homosexuals!" and the far left all falls into line. Both parties win.

It's called "activating the base" and both parties NEED the phony issues to keep their "base" in line.

This is just one more reason that ALL politicians should be thrown from office on a regular basis. The sooner the permanent political class is over thrown, the sooner we have a chance to get politicians who actually CARE about our country and people.


T. Hanson

A former Bush advisor has even said that they just play lip service to the Religious Right (thank G_d). Now of course it is getting closer to election and I have a feeling around this time next year will be another ban on gays to live normal lives to be introduced into the Constitution just in time to prove that Republicans are the best people to tell you that they are moral.

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