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October 16, 2006

Raytown schools vote

When we heard that Blue Ridge Elementary School could finally have a multipurpose room if the no-levy bond issue passes on Nov. 7, we were very happy.

We have two children who attend Blue Ridge. We are always hearing from them that when they have assemblies, they can’t have physical education class. When special events occur, PE is canceled due to seating risers being in the current combination cafeteria/gymnasium. Their PE periods have also been shortened due to lunch times.

Last but not least, the idea of eating lunch in a room that also serves as a gymnasium is not very appealing.

We intend to vote yes on this issue and encourage all other Raytown parents and citizens to do the same.

Mike and Sherry Bishop
Kansas City



You mean there are now grade shools where the gym DOESN"T double as the cafeteria and triple as the assembly/theater? Well! These modern times!

Wouldn't know it by the schools I was raised in. And I was in an "award winning" district (although you never would have known it by my grades).


That is my old Elementary school! The Raytown school district has good kids for the most part (I know a lot of people of preconceived notions of Raytown, but they are largely unfounded). They need to move the school district into this century (you know, things like AC, and new books).

I wonder if I am still registered in Raytown, or at my new location......hmmm..

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