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October 12, 2006

The Foley fumble

I would hope the Democrats would not be like the Chiefs. Why? It’s this incident with Mark Foley. The Democrats are scoring a lot of points on it. But what is it really? It’s a fumble.

In football, a fumble allows your team to grab the ball and switch to offense. You might even score a touchdown. But it’s rare a fumble alone will win a game, and one fumble definitely not win you the playoffs. To win, you must have a powerful offense and score points yourself.

So the Democrats must set forth policies and programs on their own in order to win elections, not just wait for another Republican fumble because probably they will soon have a fumble of their own. Then it’s back to being on defense full time.

Brad Hansen
Overland Park



This guy has been suckered by the right wing machine. He alludes that the Dems have no proposals out there. Fact is they have many.

First the Reps dismiss all proposals by the Dems out of hand. Then they say, "The Dems have nothing to propose."

Sort of a have your cake and eat it too type arguement. But like so many Rovian themes, the truth is not a part of it. Just keep saying it and some will buy in.


I always heard that it is strong defenses that win championships.

The offense is still waiting to take the field after recoving the constant fumbles from the repugs.

Ever watched those blooper reels where the try and pickup a dropped ball and it gets kicked around and fumbled over and over? This would be a better description of the republicans.

We will see a true offense on the field starting in January.

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