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October 08, 2006

Woodward on Rumsfeld

I was privileged to see Bay Buchanan, one of the great minds of the Republican Party, on CNN, discussing Bob Woodward’s new book on the Bush administration.

The book reports that Colin Powell, being fired by President Bush after the 2004 election, suggested that Don Rumsfeld should also go. Buchanan stated smugly that “Rumsfeld won that fight.”

What a relief — our Secretary of Defense finally won a fight! The path to victory in Iraq is now clear.

We must subtly lure the Iraqi insurgents into joining the State Department. Then, Rumsfeld will surely destroy them all with his superior bureaucratic infighting skills.

Daniel R. Baker
Joplin, Mo.



Regime change.

We could use a little of that medicine right here at home first.


The State Department and Cheney/Rumsfeld have been battling over NK all summer.

The panty-waist commie appeasers in the State Department have been driving toward another deal with Pyongyang while the Cheney/Rumsfeld coalition has been working to push NK toward regime change by choking off their finances and applying other sanctions. Who cares if Kim gets the bomb, anyway.

The path to victory in North Korea is now clear.

I sense another Woodward book coming along in a couple of years.


At least we know who is in charge of our foreign policy. It is the Cheney/Rumsfield coalition.

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