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November 01, 2006

News is disturbing

There are days when the state of the world is greatly disturbing to me. As I write this, it is one of those days.

We were led into a war that I still don’t know the real reason for. Who is benefiting? Iraq is more dangerous than ever before, and our sons and daughters are dying by the hundreds.

We elect our leaders by voting for whoever can come up with the best smear campaign. How sad.

Recently a precious baby girl’s life was ended, allegedly by the abusive hand of a Kansas City police officer, an authority figure whom both of the child’s parents had trusted to care for her.

If all of this gets you down, cheer up. Jared Allen of the Chiefs, who in recent months has received two DUIs, threw a party Sunday at the Peanut, a bar in Shawnee, after the game. I wonder whether he invited any MADD members.

Gena L. Kellae



big dreamer
Great changes have occurred in my lifetime. Many of them have been for the better. This is true economically and morally. In my youth, there was very open discrimination and it was generally accepted by the white community. The "N" word was frequently heard. There was great disagreement among the various Protestant Churches and my Catholic friends were calling my Jewish friends "Christ Killers". And they learned that at school. Homosexuals were ran out of small towns and in other cases, sent to prison. So in some ways progress has been made. On the other hand, we seem to have regressed so far as personal responsibility is concerned. As an example,in elementary school almost all boys at all times carried knives. Mine was a carpenter's jack knife with a four inch blade. Never, during my elementary school years, did I hear of a problem with knives.


“Unfortunately, if you look at the world you will realize that as a person becomes more wealthy, they tend to become more selfish and more of the things we do not like in aperson.”

Could we make the same observation when a person moves down the economic scale?

“Money is the root of all evil!” - big dreamer

That would be the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. It’s this type of love that has changed many a person no matter where they might reside on the economic scale.


Responsibility begins at home. It is not the school's job to teach our children manners. Their parents should do that.

At the same time, for the collective process to work requires leaders. And we have leaders in our nation who "role model" nothing but the most dispicable behavior.

Blaming all of the Nation's rpoblems on others. Refusing to take responsibility for the results of their choices and decisions. "Winning" their campaigns not on the strength of their ideas, but by the stench of the crap they through at their opponents.

Oh, and then these same people claim to be the ones with "high morals".

If what is being demonstrated by our National leaders is "high morals", I hate to think what "Low Morals" would mean.

big dreamer

Unfortunately the degradation of society starts at home and involves all aspects of the social world. People find it hard to listen to the truth but, we have become a society that values violence, sex, drugs, and crime. If we did not value them so much, we would not see them as the center of our attention. The examples you give are simply the failings of people. Humans are fallible creatures and we are not perfect. When we realize this maybe things will start to change. Working together we can make a change but as individuals we tend to exacerbate the problem. There are no simple answers but it is seeming that the world is going down into a dark black abyss that will be difficult to get out of if we do not start to work collectively as a society instead of worrying about who has more money, who can do more, who is smarter, who has had a bad time in their life, etc.
Unfortunately, if you look at the world you will realize that as a person becomes more wealthy, they tend to become more selfish and more of the things we do not like in aperson. Money is the root of all evil!

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