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November 24, 2006

Smoking ban un-American

In response to the people writing in to thank Olathe for listening to the people and approving a smoking ban, I have to ask, “Just whom did they listen to?” I was never given the opportunity to vote on this issue.

I am not a smoker, but I am an American, and that means I believe in democracy and capitalism, neither of which was upheld by this ban.

You may not like the smoke. That’s fine. I don’t care for it either. However, does that give us the right to tell a local business owner which customers he can or cannot cater to? If you don’t care for the smoking, you don’t have to go. Do you go to places where you don’t like the service or food? Should they have to change the menu to suit you?

As for the health issues, should Oceans of Fun be required to add a roof so that I can enjoy the wave pool without the sun harming my skin?

I have faith that the Olathe citizens can take care of themselves. If they feel they are being harmed by smoke, unhealthy foods or any other heath hazards, they should avoid them. It’s that simple.

Jeff McCline


Jim Satterfield

Could we then at least require big neon signs next to their standard one that informs the public of whether or not the restaurant allows smoking?


To live in today's economy it's almost necessary to drive in many cases. It's also necessary for commercial vehicles to operate. No one has to, or needs to, patronize a bar or restaurant that allows smoking.


Drunk driving bans are also un-American.

You can't prove that 'drunk driving' kills people who wouldn't have done themselves in through their own bad driving habits anyway. Any driver who feels he might be harmed by another driver who's had a couple too many should just stay off the road and avoid the hazard.

It's that simple.

T. Hanson

Funny that I had to read the Constitution for one of the letters that was posted today. I don't remember anywhere in the Amendments or the Bill of Rights that it says that you had the right to smoke.

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