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November 09, 2006

War mistakes

The day George Bush should have been impeached was the day Donald Dumsfeld (sic) stood before our troops and said, “As you know, you go to war with the Army you have. They’re not the Army you might want or wish to have at a later time.” He didn’t have armored vehicles or body armor for them.

We did not have to go to war at that time, nor at all for that matter. If the administration was determined, why not wait until we could provide the maximum protection for the men and women we asked to go into that country and fight? Our sons, fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers and friends. Our future.

Thousands have died needlessly in a foreign civil war. We did not and do not sufficiently protect them. We should be ashamed.

Janice Malott



Funny thing, I didn't realize that the Country had been destroyed until I read it in your Post. However, I can agree that our veterans should be provided for, as needed. Not necessarily for life, there are millions of us WWII who have done a pretty good job of taking care of ourselves and others for years. However, as old age looms, needs change. But numbers change greatly also, and that explains some of the cuts. In any event the cuts, however misguided, were not "criminally corrupt" any more than the war is illegal. The war may be illegal in your view, but even Nancy P has not supported that contention.


It is hopeless to think that any infusion of facts will change the mind of the "true believers". All the facts point to an illegal, undeclared war (Congress never declared War on iraq) that has been incompetently run and is now beyond saving.

Think how many stupid people still think that Nixon was framed.

What needs to be done now is to declare victory, and bring the troops home for a well deserved rest. The criminally corrupt legislation that cut veterans benefits must be rolled back. And the veterans pay and benefits must be increased so that their families do not have to live on food stamps
and their war wounds both physical and mental don't bankrupt their families.

We must all demand that the incompetence and malfeasance of Bush and his crony administration be engraved in stone in history. Hopefully, future Americans will learn from history and never let another incompetent in the Bush mold ever get a chance to destroy the country like he did.


Our soldiers don't want "payback". At least not the ones I talk to. They want the leadership at home to be as competant and concerned about them as their leadership in the field. They want and deserve REAL support from those of us at home, not the "bumper magnet" kind.

They want to know they are putting their lives on the line for some purpose other then protecting the President from having to say he screwed up. They want to know that there is actually a plan to finish the job they work so hard to do.

They want to know that they aren't just standing in the crossfire of a civil war.
They want to know that there is a plan to bring about an end to the mess. They want to know that they will be treated right by their country if they are wounded. They want to know that they will be treated right by our nation when their service is completed.

They want to know that it really was for a good cause if they die for their country.

Sophie Demartine

It's pay back time, soldiers demand your due, fight for your rights at home like you fought on the battlefields. America owes you big time!!!

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