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December 24, 2006

Clay County office wall

Johnson County residents recently dismayed by in-your-face politics can take heart that at least they don't live in Clay County, where county Auditor Vic Hurlbert is at it once again (12/20, Local, "Does this good wall make good neighbors? Some say past political bickering may be behind construction completed over the weekend").

This time, instead of assisting in bringing a frivolous lawsuit against a political enemy, Hurlbert uses $2,000 of taxpayers' money to have a wall built between him and that same enemy's desk, and says with a straight face that his motivation was neither personal nor political.

His final word, that he "looks forward" to working with the incoming clerk, his old enemy, is so cynical, so smarmy and ugly, one can only hope that next month finds Hurlbert sitting behind his "separate, distinct and secure" office wall swatting at cooties with a purchase order for cootie nets - which the taxpayers will pay for, too, of course.

Steve Hatfield



It's good to know that politics can be as small minded and mean spirited elswhere as it is in JoCo.

I feel better know ing this.

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