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December 20, 2006

Rumsfeld the best?

While watching Vice President Dick Cheney declare the Donald Rumsfeld the “finest” defense secretary ever, I realized that Cheney must have a different meaning for his words than I do.

That being said, it appears that by Cheney’s definitions, George W. Bush is the “finest” president, Cheney is the “finest” vice president, and so on.

So if Rumsfeld is the “finest” secretary of defense, why get rid of him?

Will anyone but the “finest” be able to get us out of the mess that the “finest” got us into?

M.L. Stein
Overland Park



BTW: I think I, for one, am well aware that Rumsfield was no where close to being the "best" S.D. ever.

The original invasion of Iraq wa a masterpiece. Of course, that wasn't the doing of "Rummy". That was good planning by the Joint Chiefs Of Staff.

"Rummy" refused to listen to the JCS when they told him that waaaay more troops were going tobe needed for the occupation than for the invasion. "Rummy" refused permission for the DoD to order the equipment our troops needed because he wanted to save money. "Rummy" refused to authorized the expansion of the Army and Marines that the JCS said was necessary because his "new military" could do it for less money.

This has directly led to 1) The size and success of the insurgency in Iraq; 2) Our troops ging into battle with antiquated or no proper equipment; 3) Both our troops and their equipment being flat worn out beyond usefulness and; 4) The necessary expansion of the Army and Marines only being approved by the President three to four years after it was needed.

"Rummy" was a disaster. The only thing causing people (I use that term loosly when describing our Vice President) to claim he was a "success" is an unwillingness to admit that they were wrong.


Read the first sentence. Thought, "This has to be Sophie." Scrolled, and scrolled and scrolled down some more. Sure enough.

Sophie dear, we all understand that you believe the rest of us are all lemmings following our corporatly owned leaders over the cliff. Can't you just assume we have that knowledge and keep your entries a little shorter? I bet they'd get read by more people if you did.

Sophie Demartine

Rumsfeld didn't get us into this "mess" the American people did, they voted for the Republican, Bush, who hired Rumsfeld. We even voted for him twice...even though the elections were rigged most probably, we the people, did nothing to impeach him and his cabal even after we found out the truth... so it amounts to the same thing as actually voting for those Republicans.

The American people were too lazy to read between the lines of the propaganda spewed daily by the corporate controlled media. Conclusion, it is the responsibility of the American people to fix this "mess" in Iraq more accurately labeled a moral catastrophe or a crime against humanity.

To fix this moral and human quagmire we first have to start “thinking” straight. We have to stop the “doublethink” and “newspeak” like “War on Terror” and “Bringing Democracy to the Middle East” . How can you have a “war” on “terror”? How about a “war on fear” or a “war on poverty” or a “war on Christmas”!! You don't fix poverty with war.

As for “Democracy” every time Bush uses that word he really means control of oil and gas resources. Bush and Republicans hate Democracy, Chavez in Venezuela, Morales in Bolivia, Hamas in Palestine...all examples of Demcracy do we really want to bring “Democracy” to the rest of the world, of course not, that would undermine American hegemony. Imagine if Saudi Arabia were democratic, God forbid oil prices would be at 150$/barrel and we'd be forced to use renewable energy sooner rather than later.

A good example of “doublethink” brainwashing the American people and preventing peace in the Middle East, deliberately, so Israel can usurp as much Palestinian land as possible, is the notion of Israel's “right to exist”. States exist or they don't exist period. No nation has the “right to exist”!!!

Did we expect Native Americans to declare the United State's “right to exist” after we finished our genocide of them and pushing any remaining redskins into reservations where we now dump our nuclear waste (now that West Africa no longer accepts our radioactive debris).

Did we expect the Hawaiians or Filipinos to declare the United State's “right to exist” after we slaughtered them and took over their land to build our military bases?
No , of course not, we just slaughtered them and took over their land, end of story. We knew it would be silly to ask the survivors of our aggression to accept us as a nation state...to accept the fact we perpetrated upon them brutal injustices and then demand of them to say “thank you” ... "thank you for bringing us democracy and Christianity American people, our dead children thank you too".

No we realized that would be the ultimate humiliation and that they would never accept so we didn't even bother.

Yet we ask exactly that, the ultimate humiliation, of the Palestinians... we demand them to recognize Israel's “right to exist”, after all the horrors the American -Israeli alliance have perpetrated upon the Palestinian people over the last 30 years.

It amazes me that most Americans see nothing wrong with this???

Israel already exists, it has stolen 72% of their land, isn't that enough humiliation for the Palestinian people already?... why do we insist on rubbing it in. This “right to exist” nonsense should not be a condition of peace negotiations.

Republican propagandists have brainwashed us to such an extent with their “doublethink” and “newspeak” that we as American citizens can't think for ourselves anymore. We rely on corporate media to tell us how to think. It is amazing to see how when the media suddenly realized the invasion of Iraq was a lost cause, that all of a sudden Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld... have become incompetent, bungling, psychopathic ideologues.

Any honest network would have shown us that before 2000, or at least 2004, yet the corporations wanted Bush and corporations control the media, as long as we let corporations control the media “we the people” will live and breath “doublethink”.

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