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December 25, 2006

Vouchers, public schools

Ron McGee (12/21, Letters) makes the point that if we had vouchers more funds would be available for use by public schools per student. This argument looks good on the surface, but I believe he is not taking everything into consideration.

I think he is saying that if there were $800 for public school students, and 80 students, there would be $10 per student. Now if five of these students elected to take vouchers at say 75 percent (5 X $7.50 = $37.50) of what a public school student would receive, then he is correct ($800 - $37.50 = $762.50, or $10.17 per student).

But he is not counting the other 20 students already in private schools who would want vouchers, too. Subtract those funds, and you will have less money per student.

This is just an example, but I think you can see where he is mistaken. If you take money out of the public schools and give it to the private schools, there will be less money per child. Do the math.

Mark Rasmussen



Mark: You miss the point. This isn't about "competition" or more money per student or anything else. It is about getting public funding of religious schools. Period, end of statement.

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