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December 31, 2006

Wedding ceremonies

My wife called my attention to the newspaper account of a wedding held recently. The article reported that, as part of the ceremony, the couple released 100 doves.

As a clergyman, some wedding expert will have to explain to me what releasing 100 doves has to do with a Christian wedding.

We are only left to imagine how many other superfluous — and expensive — things were done to attempt to make this wedding a success. What makes a successful wedding is a successful marriage.

In today’s world of hungry and hopeless people, to spend the money to release 100 doves tells two things about our society: We have money, and we have no moral compass.

Rev. W.C. Simmer
Blue Springs



Alas, I married the daughter of a single mom. We carried the load, with some debt, for our own bash.


K-Dog - I understand your point, but she's our only daughter...daddy's little girl...and only a "bridezilla" occasionally. :)


Kate -

keep the checkbook closed. If 'Bridezilla' wants a fancy wedding, let 'Bridezilla' pay for it. If, on the other hand, Mom wants a fancy wedding spend, spend, spend.


“Personally, I think a couple who spends a great deal on a wedding (if done for the right reasons) is making a statement that their bond is a special one - and not easily put asunder.”

As the mother of a “bridezilla” who is in full wedding planning mode, I take comfort in this thought. Thank you, JJ. I think I’ll print it out and paste it inside the cover of my checkbook, to serve as a constant reminder. :)

mike d

Catch the doves, barbeque them and feed them to the hungry. There are you happy now? I had no idea so many in the clergy were socialists/communists. How do you know they are not regular contributors to charity? When exactly are we allowed to come out of our shacks and live life with some luxuries? When you decide, Rev? You are guilty of the sin of envy. You want their money and you cant have it, so you trash them and assume they are using it frivoulously. Great attitude, rev, very christian like of you. Keep up the good work.


I've reread KC's post and cannot see that it
tells the Reverand what he can or cannot do. It merely questions the Reverand's opinions and the basis therefor. Others have been known to do this (you and I?).


"... the poor you will always have with you."

Personally, I think a couple who spends a great deal on a wedding (if done for the right reasons) is making a statement that their bond is a special one - and not easily put asunder.


With all due respect to you, who are you to tell a clergyman what he can and cannot get upset about with a wedding ceremony?

Put yourself in his (or her) moccasins. Think of all the lavish weddings he/she might have witnessed, then have the couple break up in a few years because they didn't put the same care into their marriage that they put into their wedding.

$20,000 on a wedding? No, no one is under any obligation to give anything to charity. But wouldn't it be a better world with more $5,000 weddings and more $15,000 gifts to charity.


With all due respect, Rev. Simmer, what business is it of yours how people choose to spend their hard earned money? People spend upwards of $20,000 on weddings, should they give all that money to charity? I just don't understand why the dove thing makes you so crazy.

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